About Simply Driving

Simply Driving was set up by two Driving Instructors, one former AA Instructor and the other formerly with BSM. Our aim was to improve your learning experience, bringing you quality driving lessons, the best customer service and good value for money. We hope that by the time you pass your test you will feel that we are meeting our aims.

At Simply Driving we’ll use all of our knowledge and experience to help you pass your test. We realise that you want to pass your test as quickly as possible, however we also want to make sure that you are a safe and confident driver after passing your test so we’ll teach you how to drive, not just how to pass your test.

Simply Driving aims to offer you the BEST VALUE DRIVING TUITION whichever way you look at it.

We aim to do this through delivering QUALITY in all aspects of our driver training while maintaining our commitment to keeping our prices as low as possible.

Four ways in which we aim to achieve this are:

Number One – Quality Driving Tuition Vehicles.

The first thing that comes to mind when you talk about driving is the obvious, the car. So we made sure our Instructor cars are ones you would want to drive and be seen in. Our make of choice is currently Audi.

Number Two –  Patient Friendly and Qualified Driving Instructors.

We only work with Instructors who are passionate about delivering their knowledge of driving to you and not those who are fed up and tired of people “who don’t know how to drive” Our Instructors are only worried about making you a safe and better driver. We aim to help you learn to drive as a life skill not just to pass the test.

All our instructors are DSA approved.

Number Three – Structured and Innovative Tuition

Our driving instructors have a core syllabus which teaches you all you need to be a safe and confident driver whilst also preparing you for the DSA driving test. In addition to this each driving lesson is tweaked through the use of Q & A, diagrams and other aids such as online resources and IPad demos. The lesson aims will be delivered to you at the beginning and you will be debriefed at the end regarding your strengths and weaknesses of the lesson.

Number Four – Keeping our Prices Low.

With special introductory offers, our unique loyalty scheme, block booking discounts and special prices for students, NHS staff and those on JSA.