Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may pay using all major credit and debit cards even if you don’t hold a Paypal account

Yes, if you are 17 and over and have your provisional license you can take lessons.

Simply Driving want our customers to be rewarded for their loyalty. The more lessons you take with us the less you end up paying. This also means you get good value for money without having to pay large amounts upfront.

If after reading our price structure it is still unclear please call us. What you need to know is that if you take the DSA recommended hours with us, your hourly rate will end up as low as £18ph with all the added Value of structured simply Driving Tuition.

The minimum age to start taking driving lessons is generally 17 but you can get your provisional licence aged 16.

This depends on you. According to the DSA on average someone takes 52 hours before passing their test but everyone learns at a different pace. Generally the older you are the more lessons you need to get your head around everything.

In a 2 hour lesson you have a lot more time to learn and make what you learnt stick. Also it means 2 subjects can normally be taught in each lesson and you get to have a good practice before the end of the lesson.

We currently don’t have any female instructors but keep checking back on our website because we are hoping to recruit some female instructors very soon.

We currently don’t have any automatic instructors but check back on our website soon as we hope to add some in the near future. We generally recommend learning to drive a manual car as this way you can drive automatic or manual cars in the future but with an automatic licence you can only drive automatic cars.

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